Guide for Clash of Clans

From iOS.Dev: * Optimised for iOS 8 ** Optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus *Wanna Master Clash of Clans?.Wanna Share your Strategy and See people’s Strategies all over the world?.Wanna Read all information about everything in Clash of Clans?.This incredible App provides you with a Step by Step guide for Clash of Clans, from Beginner to Advanced, and allows you to Share your Strategy with people all over the world.It brings you an immersive community of other Clash Of Clans players directly on your iOS device by Sharing Tips, and Strategies.There are also extra functionalities inside the App, like Sketching, PDF Converter, and much more…It’s a Must Have App for Clash of Clans if you wanna Lead your Clan to Victory.No Internet connection is required for the Guide.